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              Headquartered in Zhuhai (Zhuhai BW Motor Technology Co., Ltd), which is a very beautiful coastal city, mainly focus on the sales, marketing and R&D. The factory Guizhou BW Motor Technology Co., Ltd is located at Jinsha economic development zone, with a registered capital of 3 million US dollars, specialized in designing and manufacturing high accuracy DC brushless motors and servo control systems.

              Our products have been widely used in Unmanned Aerial System, electric vehicles, electric tools, robots, intelligent automation equipment, medical devices, smart home appliances and etc.

              BW Motor has built its core R&D team with experts from The Recruitment Program of Global Experts. With a focus on deep cooperation with industry experts, research centers and universities worldwide, innovative product development team, province level R&D center and an Industry-Academia-University base have been built. So far, multiple utility patents have been granted to BW Motor.

              With its own brand “BW-Motor”, products of BW Motors are sold worldwide to the U.S.A, Germany and many other countries. For years, BW Motor has been adhered to the concept of being innovative and dedicate. Through the joint efforts of all its employees, BW Motor has been and will be creating more and more smart, efficient and eco-friendly products, in the hope of improving the environment that we are living in and making life safer and greener.




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